Monday, October 4, 2010

My First Time

Look at this beautiful kitchen!!! My mom really hooked it up when we got the kitchen redone. The kitchen got done maybe like in May? I dunno... it was a realllllly long time ago. But I had never baked anything until now! What a shame.

Of course, I gotta take away this oven's virginity with Chocolate Chip Cookies! I was nice enough though to use another virgin recipe.... Baked.

I bought this book right before we started all the work in our apartment so I never got a chance to bake anything out of this book!

The smell of butter and sugar... OMG I remember why I love baking so much!

Balled and placed on a cookie sheet...

And out of the oven....

So... I'm just gonna say that the directions were not followed precisely. I didn't have 6 hours to refrigerate the dough, so I baked the cookies right after mixing all the ingredients.... which of course made FLAT COOKIES!

They were delicious none the less. Thin, crispy, and super delicate!