Friday, September 30, 2011

Mom Gives Free Facials and Portuguese/Brazilian Food!

Congratulations to my mom! She graduated from the New York School of Esthetics in Tarrytown, NY this past Tuesday! I'm so proud of her! PLUS- I get free facials/waxing services!

My mom was really excited to start school, but she was also really excited that her school was located in such a food-fabulous town. She's tried everything by now!

When I went to visit her a few Wednesdays ago, she spoiled me at the spa (the students work at the Tarrytown Day Spa which is part of the school), and then took me out to a place that she had never been to either... Caravela! Her classmate recommended it to us as we were walking out, so we figured we'd give it a try...

The place was DEAD at around 12 PM on a Wednesday so I was a bit freaked out, but everything was OK!
They brought us bread and some kinda sausage with olives.

We got the Prix Fixe... I got a Mixed Green Salad to start. Mom got a Seafood Salad. The portions were almost WAY too big.

For entree's I got a Roasted Chicken and mom got the Steak. They were both really delish! They both came with Steamed Veggies and Rice and Beans which were insignificant...

The somewhat disappointing part was dessert and you know how much I love my dessert. We were going to get the fresh fruit as one of our choices but they were "out". Ok, so we got Flan and a Mixed Berry Tart. Flan=good. Mixed Berry Tart=sitting in the fridge for a while?

53 North Broadway
Tarrytown, NY 10591
Phone: (914)-631-1863

Steve Earle... A Crazy Son Of A Gun!

On September 14, 2011, I went to see a crazy guy named Steve Earle play a million different instruments at the Williamsburg Music Hall. We joked that it was a requirement to be able to play at least 17 instruments to be in his band.... everyone like rotated playing an electric guitar, acoustic guitar, violin, piano, banjo, accordian, etc...I never heard of him until a few nights before, when I requested to go to the concert with Luke and his mom, aunt, uncle, and cousin. They are such a funky family, I LOVE it! And they know how to parrrrrrr-tayyyyy!

Before the show, we stopped at a restaurant called Loreley... I guess it was a modern twist on German classics. I.E.- Schnitzel Fingers, Bratwurst with Fries, etc.

Ahhh!!!! A fat kid's dream!

Schnitzel Fingers (HA!) with Fries

Frikadelle (Pork Meatballs) with Fries (It reminded me of a Falafel!)


Cheese Spatzel with Bacon... OMG this changed my life!

Potato Pancakes with Lingonberries and Apple Sauce

On our walk to the show, we passed by Saint's Alp Teahouse where we got Bubble Tea because who can pass on Bubble Tea? WE GOT THE BEST FLAVOR!


Loreley Williamsburg
64 Frost Street (Corner of Meeker and Frost)
Brooklyn, NY 11211
Phone: (718)-599-0025

Saint's Alp Teahouse
164 Bedford Ave (between 7th St & 8th St)
Brooklyn, NY 11211
Phone: (718)-486-3888

The Gifts Of...

Finding a hot-ass boyfriend, who happens to be a talented musician, who also happens to be great with children, who also happens to be hilarious, and finally also happens to be just the kindest person I've ever met... he can get me fed for free at Barcelona Wine Bar!

It's kind of ironic because the first time we both went there was a few months ago, right before his friend executive chef Christian Petroni was leaving the restaurant to start his own thang. Then fast-forward a couple of months, a band named Cloud 9 asked Luke to fill in on guitar. They had a few shows already booked at Barcelona in Fairfield!

They played great, but I was more interested in the food! J/K! But seriously, I was only interested in Luke and the food...

CORN BABIES!... I Didn't Know I was Pregnant... with Corn Babies

Lamb Chops!

Octopus? I don't even remember what this is!

Steak over Mixed Greens!

Barcelona Wine Bar
4180 Black Rock Tnpk.
Fairfield, CT 06824
Tel: (203)-255-0800
Fax: (203)-255-0225