Friday, November 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Kyuta!

My brother is 28 years old! Happy Birthday! It was actually October 20th. I'm late.


The time has come. I'm officially poor and super cheap.
I'm sorry Kyuta, but this is your birthday present. A blog post dedicated to you for making it through 27 years of your life. Good luck on the 28th year!

It's the thought that counts right?!

Anyways, my mom made a fantabulous dinner, of course.
The appetizers were a bunch of interesting dishes that she probably saw on her Japanese cooking channel...

Mushroom with "Escargot" Butter

Korean Style Hirame Sashimi and Octopus [spicy and sesame oil-y]

Seaweed & Seafood Salad [Crabstick and Jellyfish!]

Honey and Vinegar Pickled Daikon, Radish, and Cucumbers

Curried Okra

And look at my super OCD plate!

And onto the main course: Teppanyaki!
Meat: Beef, Pork, Cheek, Tongue

Seafood: Scallops and Squid

And veggies... like this sweet potato:

My mom is so cute. She made that smiley face on the left potato!

So all the meats and veggies and seafood were cooked on the griddle type thing called a teppanyaki. And you dip the stuff in yummy sauce. And you eat to much!

But there's ALWAYS room for a Lulu's cake!

A Strawberry Shortcake. So pretty!

OMG..... why do I get so excited looking at food?!

So that's the end of the birthday. And Kyuta, I apologize for making you wait for this "amazing" birthday present. Yeah, maybe I got your hopes up too high?

Lulu Cake Boutique
40 Garth Road
Scarsdale, NY 10583
Phone: [914]-722-8300


Anonymous said...

Hi MiKi,
I thought you would enjoy this
PS it was nice running into you at barns and noble

Anonymous said...

excuse my typo that wouldbe barnes & noble

Miki said...

When did i meet you?!

Anonymous said...

You were on the phone in the cafe at the Barnes and Noble next to IHOP and I said Hi. It was before Christmas.

Miki said...

oh oops! I don't remember at all... my memory is shot! well hopefully ill run into you again!

Anonymous said...

no problem you appeared to be engaged in a pretty intense conversation. For sure we will run into each other again, we have a mutual friend!

Miki said...

ohhh really? who might that be?

Anonymous said...