Monday, February 21, 2011


I am embarassed. In my last post I was talking about how I'm so in love and how I'm in such a strong relationship with this guy. Well three weeks after I posted that, we were finito! Do I jinx my love life with this blog?!

Oh well. I still got food.

I have been making and baking a lot of food, but my camera is at the ex's apartment! So tonight, I just borrowed my mom's camera cuz I just HAD to blog about this....


It's very cool. It's very classic. It's very simple. It's very "however you wanna make it"... which is how I'm living my life nowadays. I go with the ebbs and flows, and it's all good because in the end, I'm still just Miki. Freeform.

free·-form (frē′fôrm′)
having an irregular, usually curvilinear form or outline
not conforming to the conventional rules of composition, form, etc.; spontaneous, unrestrained, etc.

That sounds just about right!

Usually, when I bake, I am pretty OCD about making the perfect thing. Today it was different. I just knew I had some pie crust that I had made yesterday. And I just had to figure out the filling. I didn't get too fancy and I went with apple.

I realized that I only had crust for the bottom so instead of cancelling my whole plan of baking, I used my cognitive resources to think about what my options were.

I could make a crumb topping.... but I had no butter.

Then I remember the galette! The ghetto pie! It was perfect for the new Miki... ambiguous and irregular shape, only determined by what my hands were capable of doing.

See the work in pictures!

Sliced Apples (with cinnamon, lemon, and brown shugg)

Pie Crust Dough

Arranged (a little OCD) Apple Slices

Apples Cuddling in Pie!

Finished Product!

Mommys gets the first slice!

holy shizzle.... it was so goood. Especially the crust. Nice and buttery flaky!

Butter Flaky Pie Crust (from

The apples are easy. Just slice, squirt (the lemon), and smush around (with the cinnamon and brown shuggggg).

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L.D. said...

It's HIS loss, Miki! (I mean - his name was "Tiny"....just sayin'!) LOL! Don't be embarrassed - Keep blogging away and keep the yummy pics and restaurant reviews coming!