Saturday, February 4, 2012

Kalbi House Returns!

Actually, it was I that returned to Kalbi House. Kalbi House is still rockin and pumpin out the high quality, delicious beef (and pork and other stuff but beef is my favorite)!

Mmmmmm..... my obsessively-compulsively organized plate...

We started off with some sushi rolls, which we typically don't order:

We had hamachi and unagi. It was good but I would definitely just stay with the Korean dishes, i.e.- pajun

And because the owner is sooooooo sweet, she always surprises me with something! And today, she gave us some Korean Roasted Seaweed.

I could eat this and Kimchi with a bowl of hot, steamy white rice alllllll day!

For the BBQ part, we started off with Beef Tongue:

Beef Tongue if always so good!

Then we had Pork Belly:

Although it's very good, I would have to say it's my least favorite out of that, Kalbi, and Tongue.

And finally, Kalbi:

Kalbi will always be number one in my heart!

Mmmmm.... my family and I will never betray Kalbi House. It is so damn good!

Kalbi House
291 Central Ave
White Plains, NY 10606
Phone: 914-328-0251

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