Monday, June 2, 2014

Levon Is 3/4 Of A Year Old

Today, Levon is 9 months old. It also happens to be his 39 week birthday. Yes, I am neurotic like that. It started when people asked me how old Levon was in the first few months when it was still acceptable to answer with a "week" count. I don't know why, but I still keep track of the weeks. I think it's amazing to see how much he's grown and how many weeks I've been able to survive motherhood. I guess I'm just that kind of mother... I keep track of EVERYTHING with pictures, videos, and a memory book.

Today was a good day that symbolized how amazing motherhood is for me. I got up early to go to the gym to start my day off with a nice, sweaty workout. Then, Levon and I went to a casting call for Babies R Us in New Jersey. It was a quick casting (thank GOD!) so we were home by 11:15 AM!
This beautifully smooth morning was followed by a delicious lunch at Burrito Poblano in Tuckahoe which we basically didn't even pay for because I got a LivingSocial deal for $15.00 for $30.00 worth of food! And the food was amazing! The funnest part about eating out with Levon now is feeding him bits and pieces of our meal. I am not as nervous as I was a few weeks ago about wondering whether he was going to be allergic to certain foods, or my biggest fear yet, him choking on big chunks of food! It really is amazing to see how strong and resilient he is...

So now comes the time of day where I have to go to work, which typically is the most conflicting time of day! I am SO grateful that I have a job and that I can work. However, sometimes I anticipate missing Levon so much that I have a hard time leaving. Today was one of those days because Levon and Luke were cuddling so beautifully and I just wanted to join them! However, once I left, I was able to get into work mode and enjoy my role as a worker. I like the flexibility of being both a mom and a worker.

I got home at around 9 PM, and I was way too tired to cook so I had delicious leftovers of Spaghetti Squash and Kielbasa! I peeked into the bedroom to see that Levon was sound asleep. I closed the door happy to know that I have a partner who is MORE than capable of taking care of our son. He's an amazing father and an amazing partner.

Today was an exceptional day. However, even when I have a rough day, I am able to say that I did the best that I could. And when I feel really bad, I just tell myself I'm a hip mom. I mean c'mon, I have Burgundy hair and I see the Misfits with my son and my tattooed friends :-D

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