Monday, July 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Blog!

Today is 2 YEARS since I started this blog! It's a little bit embarrassing that I haven't been posting regularly but then again, whose reading?! Hi Mom!

I love my blog, and I think everyone who I've come in contact with in the past 2 years knows that. Conversations usually go like this:
"Hi, I'm Miki. I love food and eating and I have a food blog!"
I'm so modest :-)

Anyways, this 2 year anniversary is going to be celebrated with some steak from Del Frisco's! This was a special night for a couple of reasons.
1. It was Tiny and I's first double date!
2. It was the first time Tiny and I saw a movie together (besides our first night hanging out and watching Anchorman)... he really despises my taste in movies so we don't agree much on what we want to see... i.e. Top movies for me = White Chicks, Old School, Mrs. Doubtfire, Liar Liar, and Top movies for Tiny = Good Will Hunting, The Scent of a Woman, etc.

So on this Friday night, we saw Inception. HOLY EFF! I haven't seen a movie in the theaters in years because I don't want to waste $10 to $12 if I am going to fall asleep. But let me tell you, I only fell asleep ONCE during this whole movie, a.k.a. it was THAT good! Plus, it was kinda complex so if you fall asleep and miss an important part, you're gonna be lost.

The four of us then walked our way to Del Frisco's where we had an awesome beef filled night.
Steak, Steak Steak...
Wagyu, Bone-In Ribeye, Filet Mignon, Creamed Spinach, Mac and Chee....

And yes, my favorite hobby is eating meat off the bone...

And of course I suggested dessert, and everyone was like "OMG I'm too full" but everyone helped out :-)
Strawberry Cheesecake

DELISH! But I definitely had to semi unzip my skirt because I couldn't breathe from stuffing my belly!

Del Frisco's
1221 Avenue of the Americas
New York , New York 10020
Phone: (212)-575-5129


Anonymous said...

I love your blog!!! You'd be surprised how many people read it:) Keep up the good work! It makes the days at work go by a little less painfully.

Anonymous said...

Happy BDAY to your blog, it's very entertaining, and no, your mother is not the only one that reads it ;)
How was the strawberry cheesecake? It seems a little bit too white, and those are onion rings or bracelets?
Keep posting, you're a great writer :)