Thursday, October 6, 2011

Happy Birthday, Shumai!

Happy Birthday Luke!
My baby's 28 years old! He's getting ollllllllllldddddd, but he looks mad young! We like to pull the good ol' "How old do you think I am" shanannigan when we get cigarettes... the CVS employees don't enjoy but we still get a kick out of it!

His mom cooked a seriously DOPE dinner: an Italian Chicken Cordon Bleu, Potatoes au Gratin, Carrots, Asparagus, Lard Bread, and a homemade dessert TBA

Here's the cute little set-up...

Notice the cute placemats!


Here's surprise within the Carbo... mmmmmmmmm


We had a whole conversation on the benefits of Carrots!

Aspergras! My favorite!

Don't even get me started....

X 2

after a quick run to shoprite for creamer, the birthday boy blew out the candles!

or did he?
They were the trick ones that you can't blow out! And as we were all laughing that Luke was trying so hard to blow it out, when it came time to cut the cake, we noticed there were ashes all over the cake hahaha...

Before dinner being teased by the beautiful homemade cake:

YAY! Time to eat it!

Everything was so damn good... I've been meaning to blog about Luke's mom's food but I always end up stuffing my face before I realize that I should've taken pictures. So I guess this is a perfect introduction to her cooking... It was fabulous Mary Kate! Thank you so much (for this and every other meal that you've made, which is every night haha)!


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