Wednesday, September 12, 2012

2012- Intro To Brazil

2012 has definitely been the year of the Brazilians according to Miki (me). I don't know why I just referred to myself as the third person.

I am a personal trainer, and I trained 2 Brazilians. Like native Brazilians. Like, they had just come over from Brazil. I tried to learn some words but I don't remember anything. Some words sounded Japanese, it was cool! I once babysat a Japanese girl whose family lived in Brazil. They said there is a huge Japanese community there.

So this past weekend was the first time I had Brazilian cuisine! Can you imagine?! Where have I been?! Of course of heard things... "It's all meat!" "They just don't stop serving you all these different kinds of meat!" Blah blah blah. So I knew it would be a lot of meat.

But o-m-g! This little place USA Brazilian Grill in Mt. Vernon was so awesome! It seemed very authentic (but what do I know? I don't know anything about Brazil). It wasn't unlimited meat because you have to go to the counter and ask for what you want and then pay for it by the weight, but they sure did have a ton of meat! All different kinds too! I mean, I guess you could eat unlimited amounts of meat, but because I was somewhat rational about how much I could eat, I got a little bit of a few things.

So here's the counter. The guy is standing in front of the huge meat rotisserie rotator thing.

You ask for the meat that you want and the guy cuts whatever part you want, however much you want.

Pre-couunter however, you go to the salad bar area to get whatever vegetables and side dishes you want. I got ceasar salad, broccoli, and plantains.

Here's my plate:

Sirloin in the middle, Strip Steak at the top, and Heart... I think they were surprised when I got excited that they had heart!

OMG... look at this color... it was so perfectly cooked. (You can of course ask for a more well done piece... it's all about choices here!)

Awwwww look at how cute these hearts are! They were delish as well!

We also had pão de queijo which is like a roll with cheese baked into it. They heated it up for us because my dining partner (who has been here a bajillion times and knows his Brazilian ish pretty well) insisted that it has to be fresh out of the oven so the closest thing we got was for it to be reheated! It was awesome... but he said it's even better when it's right out of the oven.

And we finished with FLAN!!!!! It was so good! I love flan. And this was good flan!

Of course I don't have pictures of the last two because I was too excited to start eating and wasn't patient enough to get a decent picture...

I think price wise it was decent too. It came out to like $15.00 and I ended up taking a decent portion of the meat home because it was too much!

USA Brazilian Grill
145 Gramatan Ave
Mount Vernon, NY 10550
Phone: (914)-668-4088

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Anonymous said...

When they have Beef Stew at the steam tables, definitely give it a shot.
The lamb from the grill, when available is excellent.