Wednesday, September 12, 2012

When in HIllsdale...

Do as the Walsh's do....

The Walsh's know how to party.

Luke's Aunt's 60th + Walsh Reunion= Lots of Booze and Food!

The party was up at their gorgeous house in Hillsdale, NY. There were SO many people, and SO much food, and SO much drinking! It was like a frat house haha!

Anways, these two Walsh women are crazy. They are always preparing the nicest meals and dishes and their cooking/baking skills are phenomenal. So as everyone is getting wasted, I am right by the food table taking a little taste of everything.

The beginning was a meatball attack!!! There were about 10 different kinds of meatballs!

So there were Barbecue, Pulled Pork, Lamb, Teriyaki, Italian, Meatloaf, etc.

I love balls! So this was a lot of fun... trying all these different balls!

Then came more food. Cheeses, olives, bread, bread with cheese melted in it, etc... I was in heaven!

And there was more stuff for breakfast such as an Eggs Benedict casserole but I was too excited to eat and forgot to take pictures!

The part I went nuts on was the dessert table of course....

One of the Walsh's is getting married in two weeks and the wedding is being held at the same location, and the food is being provided by the same people (Luke's mom and his aunt) so I know there will be amazing food! So pumped!!

Oh... and very close by, there was a PIG FARM! I am obsessed with pigs! It was called PIGasso Farms! It's got a punny name too!

Look how cute they are!

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