Sunday, September 14, 2008

Bronx Bombers

First of all, I am NOT a baseball fan. Actually I'm just not a fan of watching any sport on television. However, I LOVE playing sports and I LOVE going to games.
But seriously, how badass is the name the "BRONX BOMBERS"!?

Me, Ed, my dad, and my cousin, Naoki went to the game today and it was pretty awesome!
1. Grand Slam!

2. Derek Jeter tied the record for the most hits in Yankee Stadium!


(My cousin looks so badass)

Our seats were like in the way top section but we still had a great view!

Since none of us were really big baseball fans, our biggest focus was:

NATHAN'S HOT DOGS!... my cousin had to have a NY hot dog before leaving :-)


And of course, Cracker Jacks... what happened to the stick on tattoos that they snuck in there as "prizes"?

The Yankees won! I think... we left after the 8th inning...

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