Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Party Like It's 1995

I love the 90's. Jock Jams. JNCO jeans. Chains. Grunge. Spice Girls. T.L.C... the list goes on.
At the parties that I've had at my apartment, I always play the "90's Hits" channel on my Optimum Cable channel. There's just something so tantalizing about hearing "This is how we dooooooo it" (Montell Jordan if you're not down with it) while eating a wing.
So this past Saturday, my friends and I celebrated our friend Barbra's big milestone. We won't say what the milestone was, but let's just say we are all so proud of her!
I did this party pot-luck style because as we all know, I am extremely poor. But that is no excuse to not have a party!
Everyone brought some delicious stuff. Aside from the usual chips and dip, we had some pasta salad, cole slaw, my usual slow-cooker vegetarian chili (quick, easy, AND cheap!) and of course tons of dessert!

Thai Cole Slaw (Peanutty Sauce loaded with Craisins!)

Greek Pasta Salad

Vegetarian Chili

Shrimp Wontons (WARNING: this picture is a little vulgar!)

Spinach Dip

Wings from River's Edge Restaurant in Woodlawn (My friend John's dad is the owner!)

And Round 2: A Whole Course of Desserts
Oreo Cake (No Lulu's... we made a last minute trip to A&P!)

Chocolate "Mousse" Pie

Pastries from Fleetwood Pastry Shop

Homemade Fudgey Brownies (By Kathleen)

The highlight of dessert was definitely Beth's Chocolate Mousse Pie. Ok. This was no mousse, it was rich, thick and velvety like cheesecake. It was absolutely delish! Beth, I underestimated your baking skills. I apologize. And the brownies! Good job Kathleen! They were perfect. Fudgey with a crackly top! And y'all know I would've baked too... if my oven wasn't dead. Resentment brewing...

Yay for Babsy!

I love her for so many reasons; One being that she feeds me cake icing

River's Edge Restaurant
1064 Mclean Ave
Yonkers, NY 10704
Phone: (914)-237-9823

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