Thursday, December 3, 2009

Crap Ow!

Thai food in Westchester is so not good enough for anyone. Everyone's like Sripraphai! Sripraphai! which I have never been to, but I just feel like I've never had "good" Thai food. I LOVE what I know to be Thai food that I've had (Siam Orchid, Garlic and Pepper, etc.)but I do feel like... inadequate.

So, of course, after reading these "sooooooo good!" reviews on Chowhound about Tangerine Thai, I had to try it. I had been to Garlic and Pepper which used to occupy what is now Tangerine Thai, but everyone was saying how much better it was!

So, of course everything is an excuse to gather a bunch of people and go out. Last week, we went to Tangerine Thai for a friend's birthday! My family came out as well. And we ordered a bunch of stuff... things we've had before and new things toooooo!

They really redid the inside too! The walls are this like neon-ish yellow green and it looks like a real restaurant and not just a dingy old bar :-)

We started off with Chicken Satay... surprisingly alll of the chicken dishes were so moist!

My brother loves Curry Puffs... and they were delish!

Duck Salad with pineapple, cashew nuts, carrot, pepper, onions in spicy lime dressing.... never had anything like this was it was good!

This KKK-hat shaped Rice was at first cute, and then kinda weird.

Amanda got the Ginger Fish... which she didn't like because A). The head was still on it, and B). The fish itself was quite bland. And I agree. But the veggies were super gingered up and tasty!

My mom of course got the Green Curry because that's what she always gets... this was the BEST dish of the night! It was so good! At first it tastes rich, creamy, and sweet, and then the spice kicks in!

My brother's Thai BBQ Chicken. The sauce was a peanutty marinage that was very salty, but the chicken was SUPER DUPER JUICY!!!!

I got the Sautéed Krapow (how do you pronounce that? Crap! OW!)with shrimp, Thai basil, chili, garlic, bell peppers, onions... This one too was really really good, but the flavor was very strong. Not really just salty, but it just kinda kicks you in the face!

My mom also got the Spicy Glass Noodles with Shrimp and Chicken...

Can I just say that Tangerine Thai does spicy really well! If you ask for it spicy, you will DIE so just stick with the regular spiciness cuz it was plenty spicy for me!

Tangerine Thai
90 Yonkers Avenue
Tuckahoe, NY, 10707
Phone: 914-771-8200


MC Food. said...

Personally, I found this new joint to be inferior to what it was when Dom ran it (As "Garlic & Pepper"). Overpriced, and slightly greasier fare than what G&P proffered. The location is a really bad one; a tiny, one-way stretch of an otherwise featureless street. I found it by accident, when it was G&P.

I like "Carlina Bistro" though. It's a relatively new business, across the street from Epstein's, in that little shopping center. Reasonable prices, a great lunch menu and nice decor, but it's always empty when I go. I hope they can tough out those slow and bumpy growing pains, because it's a nice addition to the 'hood.

MC Food said...

...have you tried Carlina yet? They have a nice Sweet basil sauce.

Miki said...

I went to garlic and pepper way back when they first opened and I really enjoyed it... All I can say is that I really enjoyed Tangerine Thai as well.
And Im curious about this Carlina place! What kinda food do they serve?! Is this where Kuzaku used to be?

MC Food said...

I think so. It's shingle boasts the ever-trendy "Asian Fusion" fare...

Sort of a Thai-Japanese menu.

I've been a few times, and never disappointed. They have some good special rolls on the lunch menu. Very reasonable. A few items are less than spectacular, but for the price, one can afford some trial-and-error.

For all I know, it's gone already. Here's a coupon I just found, whilst a-searchin' for a website / menu.

Hope you like.

MC Food said...

Oh, and it IS where Kuzaku was.

Miki said...

Wow thank you! I love coups! I will have to try it!

MC Food said...

Let me know what you think!

MC Food said...

Hope you used your coupon when you had the chance. Carlina Bistro is closed, and another shingle is hanging, boasting "Asian Fusion". We'll see.

It's sad to see quality joints fall off the map, due to the "safe-bet" locals who won't dare anything even remotely different.

Oh, well. Maybe it's the same owners, trying to re-stimulate attention. Every time I went in, the joint was DEAD, and the fare was DEEEE-LISH!