Thursday, November 26, 2009


Happy Thanksgiving! Despite my bitching and moaning about not being able to have our own little Thanksgiving dinner, I had one of the most amazing Thanksgivings ever!
First, I wasn't "in charge" of anything!
Second, it was nice being a guest rather than the hostess.
Third, the family that i spent it with was amazing!

Amanda, my brother's girlfriend's family had invited us because they knew we weren't going to be doing anything for Thanksgiving. That was so nice of them. There was plenty of (awesomely delicious) food, good people, and good laughs! Amanda's dad taught me many martial arts moves... he says its all in the look... the crazy eyes...

Anyways, the lunch/dinner started really caj with some veggie sticks and dips; a lobster dip and a roasted red pepper dip.

There was also some parmesan cheese and grapes.

Can I just say that Amanda's mom is a great cook! Everything she made was sooooo good! And props to her for Jewish-ing Thanksgiving by serving Matzo Ball Soup!

Along with a Butternut Squash, Bean, All-Kinds-Of-Veggies, and Kielbasa Soup!

This was also my first time having White Sweet Potatoes! They were amazing... they were exactly like the potatoes that the Japanese use for Yaki-Imo (which is just a roasted sweet potato, but the potato that they use is not the traditional American Sweet Potatoes... it's definitely this!)

And one of the highlights of the day... Amanda's stuffed onions!

Stuffed with bacon, onions, herbs, and bread crumbs, and topped with Grueyere Cheese!

Simple roasted tomatoes

Perfectly sweet and tart cranberry, grape, and pineapple sauce.

And the King Turkey!

With the best dish of the day... STUFFING! Stuffing is by far the best part of Thanksgiving :-) And this was some amazing stuffing! It was Amanda's fathers family recipe that her mother tweaked... Ground pork, veggies, apricots, grapes, and of course bread... it was such a perfect sweet and savory combo!

Whew! I ate too much! But wait, dessert came like 20 minutes later!
It was Ellen's birthday (Amanda's aunt) so we had a cake from Riviera
in Ardsley.

I brought a Lulu's Chocolate Pound Cake.

And an apple pie, also from Riviera Bakehouse... I must say I looooooovvveeee their apple pie! Warmed for a few minutes in the oven... omg :-)

Thanks to the Moses!

Riviera Bakehouse
660 Saw Mill River Road
Ardsley, NY 10502
Phone: 914- 693-9758

Lulu Cake Boutique
40 Garth Road
Scarsdale, NY 10583
Phone: 914-722-8300