Sunday, January 10, 2010


As much as I like to claim how "gangsta" I am, I rarely ever go to Brooklyn. And I only relate Brooklyn to being "gangsta" because of like Biggie and Jay-Z. I was surprised when Tiny took me to Prospect Heights to the Brooklyn Museum to see the "Who Shot Rock & Roll" exhbit. (Note: If you are into photography/music/history of music go check this out! It ends January 31st!)... Prospect Heights was a very green (trees!), pretty neighborhood, with those cute little brownstone apartments.

The exhibit was really cool. It was totally me, and I thank Tiny for taking me because it was very thoughtful of him. It was a photography exhibit of both famous and unknown photographers who took beautiful/meaningful pictures of musicians. The musicians ranged from the legendary Beatles to the more recent Amy Winehouse. I was really impressed with all the photography, and it was so interesting to read about the context in which the photograph was taken.

After being culturally enlightened, Tiny took me to a little Mexican spot that he had been to called Chavella's. The outside of the restaurant is super cute.... just by appearance, it was totally somewhere I would randomly walk in to. The inside also was so my style. It's a tiny little place, very dimly lit, with about 8-10 tables. There was one waitress. The walls were painted bright red, and the tables were just decorated with paper napkins, paper take-out menus, and a little pot of Spanish gum ( I think ??).

We ordered from the lunch specials which are QUITE the deal! I got 1/2 Soup and 1/2 Salad. Tiny got a soup and the 1/2 Chicken with Rice and Beans.

Our soups came first.

To the left is Tiny's Sopa De Tortilla, and mine is the Sopa Di Frijoles. My soup was da bommmbbbbb.... the queso fresco was kinda like goat cheese. There was also a pico de gallo topping. Tiny's tortilla soup was delish as well. It was more refreshing and spicy. Mine was creamy and rich... perfect for the disgustingly cold weather that we've been experiencing here in New York.

Next was the Pollo al Horno with Rice and Beans.

DANNNGGGG that's a mad generous portion for $5.95!

And my Ensalada De La Casa.

With a tomato vinaigrette on the side. YUMMM!!! The dressing was definitely the best part. It was super vinegary but you could still taste the sweetness of the tomatoes.

Finally, dessert. Of course I had to get dessert. At the suggestion of the waitress who "doesn't like cold rice pudding" we went with the flan.

I like all varieties of custards and puddings. This one had a really nice firm texture and was sprinkled with my fav spice ever... CINNAMON!

Tiny is really on the right track by introducing me to these new places. What's next... Staten Island?!

Brooklyn Museum
200 Eastern Parkway (between Classon Ave & Washington Ave)
Brooklyn, NY 11238
Phone: (718)-638-5000

732 Classon Ave (between Park and Prospect Place)
Crown Heights, Brooklyn, 11238
Phone: (718)-622-3100