Sunday, January 24, 2010

Stop Work Order

...has been issued by the Town Of Eastchester... Oh Oscar, why did you have to do it illegally?

But at least my room is done. Bright and Beautiful!

Mirror Closet Dooor... im ballllinnnnn'! And check out my new floors! I don't have to worry about getting splinters in my feet anymore!

Little Closet

Big Closet

Big Closet inside... It is now completely full with clothes/shoes/bags :-)

Too bad they never started on the kitchen.... this is like month 8 with NO OVEN!!
The kitchen is still a mess from all the work they did on the ceilings but my mother is being trooper and cooking delish things for me (i.e: tonight's Piman (japanese peppers) stuffed with pork, and Sweet Kabocha with Ground pork)... I've gained like 10 pounds since she moved in.... but it's so worth it!

1 comment:

MC Food said...

Well, what DID get done looks slammin'.

Great color choice for the BR.