Sunday, January 31, 2010

Gourmet in Dirty Conditions

So this is from a while back, but I feel obligated to post this (for my own ego-boost) because the pictures are pretty! As my mom and I were living in non-OCD-acceptable kitchen conditions, we rarely cooked because everything (I mean everything) was completely covered in ceiling crap/dust.

On one snowy day, we decided we deserved better than take-out Chinese food for dinner, and we trekked out to Daido to get sashimi!

We planned to have Temaki Zushi which is like a DIY (do-it-yourself), RIY (roll-it-yourself) sushi roll. What we usually do it get a bunch of different sashimi, some shiso leaves, cucumbers, avocados, and make thin strips of scrambled egg and put it on a big platter. Everyone gets a bowl of sushi rice, and there is a stack of fresh nori (seaweed). And everyone goes to town with their own creative combinations!

This is the best meal for someone who is indecisive like me, because you just get to eat all of everything you want!

Our selections were limited on this night as there was only two of us but looooooooooooook!

Nori, Rice, Shiso, Ume Paste

Ika (squid) and Chu-toro (medium fatty tuna)

Kyuri (Japanese cucumbers... hella crunchier than regular cukes!) and Shiso

Nori, Rice, Ika, Kyuri

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