Tuesday, February 9, 2010


So, I am slowly coming to terms with my obsession with Lady Gaga. I think she's great! She's so fun, and she's just freaky deaky! Oh... and I really like names that have a repetitivenes to it, i.e. GAGA, Mimi, Lulu.....


Blood Orange Cake

Victor was a little harsh about this cake! It was really good! I love Lulu's tropical-sweet-tangy combos! i.e.- Passionfruit cake, Mango cake, and now this Blood Orange cake!

And my mom was so cute... I walked into her room, and she was walking out with a plate with orangey-salmony-pink stuff on the plate and I said, "Oh what is that?" And she says, "I stole some of your cake...." And she just sounded so like ashamed, as if I caught her doing something bad... and I said to her, "Mom! You can eat whatever is in the fridge/cookie stash!" She loves Lulu's too <3

Oh and sometimes, when I'm really indecisive and don't know what I want to have for dessert, I'll do an insane sampler of things....

Strawberries with Condensed Milk, Slice of Lulu's Devil Dog, and Chocolate Cheerios! (I have an obsession with chocolate cereals. I love that they turn the milk into chocolate milk!)

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