Saturday, September 11, 2010

Where is the best Thai restaurant in NY?

I really am no judge of the "best Thai restaurant in NY" because, like, I LOVE Thai food, but I don't know what to base my judgements on. I like Garlic and Pepper in Tuckahoe, but it's because I think it's better than Siam Orchid.

Now I had been hearing about Sri Pra Phai for-ever. I really don't know why i waited so long to come here. I guess I think that anything outside of Westchester is like "too far". Meanwhile, this trip to Queens only took like 2 minutes.

And I went with Miss. Sarah! I just always picture her in like a cute fluffy apron, holding two ginormous Lulu cakes! Tonight she was ZESTY!

She started with this Thai Iced Tea. BIG-ASS-BUBBLES BRO!

We went with some suggestions that we had received before leaving for our big to-do.

Papaya Salad with dry shrimp and peanut

Massaman Curry with Beef

Sautéed Eggplant with pork, chili, garlic, and basil


#1. Coconut Pancakes

#2. Black Bean in Coconut Milk

Everything that we ordered was a winner! But I must say I really, really really loved the Massaman Curry! And the Coconut Pancake thingies were awesome.... they were like mochi patties with coconut in them, and yhen like pan fried. YUM.

SriPraPhai Thai Restaurant
64-13 39th Avenue
Woodside, NY 11377
Phone: 718-899-9599

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