Sunday, May 13, 2012

Another Taurus... My Mom!

I am now backtracking to my mom's birthday dinner which was a few weeks ago. Her birthday was April 30th! Happy Birthday mom! I love my mom... she's the best!

She requested that we go to a restaurant in City Island. I don't know why, but it was a good idea! It was a gorgeous day and I love being around the water on nice, warm, sunny days!

After driving down the one of the 3 streets on City Island back and forth 3 times, we decided on Lobster Box. *City Island restaurants have the funniest names!* I couldn't get myself to suggest Sammy's Fish Box... just because of the name and the ridiculous commercial!

The Lobster Box was actually really good! I thought it was gonna be like a typical tacky City Island seafood place (which is one of the reasons I love City Island) but it was pretty nice!

They started us off with AWESOME, hot, crusty bread.

Then came the Clams Casino which were filled with Bacony goodness!

And some Fresh Clams which were delicious as well.

I got the Broiled Swordfish. It was very flavorful and the fish was very moist! I love swordfish because it's such a meaty fish!

Dharma got the Seafood Risotto which was slammin! It was really diesel and heavy but the plate was full of nice scallops and shrimp and other seafood goodness!

My brother got the Ribs and Crab Legs because he is a beast. He's skinny but a carnivorous beast nonetheless.

Mom got the 2 Lobsters, 1 Steamed and 1 Broiled. Steamed is DEFINITELY the way to go!

And Luke got the Crab Legs! I love crabs... they are so yummy! And working to crack the meat outta the shell is the fun part! I love working for my foood!

For dessert, even though everyone was apparently full, I made everyone order one haha! Except for my brother because he was finishing my mom's leftover lobster....

Apple Pie... decent.

Flan.... delish!

Peach Melba. Nothin' special... it was like canned peaches with very artificial raspberry sauce. The ice cream was good tho!

So all in all, it was a great meal! Maybe next time I will try Sammy's Fish Box hehehe

Lobster Box
34 City Island Ave,
City Island, NY 10464
Phone: 718-885-1952


Anonymous said...

Lobster Box is a pretty popular place with Bronx politicians. You may see the borough president, DA, and others there on some nights.

Sammy's Fish Box has been around forever. They have been popular for at least the last 20 years.

Superdupes said...