Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Cooked and Co.

Cooked and co. has FINALLY opened! It took over the old Carvel location on Garth Road! It's just another fabulous addition to the street along with Lulu's!

The place is adorable! It's got a few tables to sit down and eat. It's mostly ready-made food but like seriously gourmet! I don't know what most of the stuff I took pictures of are because I was rushing! But I definitely gotta go back to try everything! NOTE: There is not one set menu because they use whatever fresh ingredients they have!

I went with Luke and we shared the Frittata of the day and a Banana Nutella Muffin (suggested by one of the partners Christian Petroni... he used to be the head chef at Barcelona in Greenwich and won Chopped!)

It's Huge.... and overwhelmingly delicious... in a totally good way

Yep.. the nutella goes down into the muffin... probably like 5/8 of the way down... it was exciting!


And the Frittata of the Day:

Asparagus, Shallots, Parmesan, and Tomatoes (Egg Whites!)

Mmmmmm... so light and refreshing! I could've eaten the whole Frit!

Here's the menu:

It's this stuff (note the protein shakes, salads, and egg white options for you health nuts!), plus the already prepared stuff such as these items from today:

They also have a salad bar where you can design your own salad! And Coffee, and Ice Cream and Specialty Butter and Ice Pops!!!!

Ohhhh this place is so heavenly! Go and buy some Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner!
I had one of those, "I have to tell everyone about this place!" experiences when I left!

Cooked and Co.
128 Garth Road
Scarsdale, NY.
1 (914) 205-3939

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