Monday, July 21, 2008


The next one which I dined at on July 18, 2008 was ::drum roll please::...

In short, it was the best sushi experience I've had in a while... Sushi Den was a dissappointment and my local joints here in Westchester, NY have been iffy.... So here's some food porn to make you cream your mouth...

The fish here is top notch! Both the sashimi and sushi were perfect.... super fresh, perfect amount of rice, right size fish, just a perfect sushi experience!

We did the omakase and got:
Sashimi (starting from the center of the delicious, fatty, sweet toro ---> clockwise)

Moving onto Sushi



-some rare seasonal salmon






-Uzura no Tamago with Caviar

-And i totally forgot what the last fish was, but it was well liked by my mouth

And of course.... i ALWAYS, without fail, finish off a sushi meal with TAMAGOYAKI!!!

So going back to the disclaimer in the last post... I did it again (oops!). I forgot to take pictures of the dessert. But i can assure you it was delicious. We got the Grapefruit Jelly and the Anmitsu.

I definitely left this restaurant super happy and super full :-)

136 W Houston St (Btwn MacDougal & Sullivan St)
New York 10012
Phone: 212-228-4181
Fax: 212-228-4187

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