Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tori Shin NYC

Yesssss.... Yakitori! On of my favorite types of Japanese food! Yakitori is various versions/parts of chicken on a stick.... and vegetables of course! Grilled to perfection here at Tori Shin.
I think chicken can be VERY awesome but a lot of times, it's not because someone didn't know how to cook it well... tender and moist is how chicken should be! Tori Shin did an EXCELLENT job at preparing their chicken.

Here at Tori Shin, if it's before 9 PM, you have to choose between 2 of their OMAKASE course menus. The only difference between the two is that one includes 6 skewers total, and the other one has 12. I went here last night (Monday) with my mom, boyfriend (Ed), my brother (Kyuta), and his girlfriend Amanda. So the ladies got the 6 skewer one and the manly men got the 12. Of course by the end of the night, it really didn't matter because everyone ordered extra skewers off of the A La Carte Menu.
Here is me and Ed

And here is my mom, Kyuta, and Amanda

The night started off with some pickled vegetables, vegetable sticks with Mentai-Mayo sauce (karashi mentaiko with mayo), eggplant with okra and myoga (for the 6 skewer people), and yamaimo sticks with okra and katsuobushi (for the 12 skewer people)...

Now onto the good stuff! I tried a lot of different skewers....
Chicken breast with wasabi... cooked medium (the chicken is THAT fresh so its ok). It was SO juicy...

Chicken breast with shiso and plum paste... again, super juicy!

Then.... the highlight of my night.... liver. It was incredibly creamy and melt in your mouth DELISH! I took a really dirty looking picture of an individual piece hehehe....

This was the breast meat with leeks which DID NOT come with my course

Chicken thigh and breast combo

Chicken hips (??) a.k.a Soriresu

My vegetable choice # 1... Shishito Peppers

Chicken "Oyster"... the muscle under a chicken wing (??)

Chicken Wings!!! So crispy on the outside and so fatty and juicy on the inside!

Harami- Chicken belly!

Vegetable choice #2 Asparagus with butter... yummmm

From the A La Carte Menu..... my favorite....... DASHIYAKI TAMAGO!!! The rolled egg!!

Ground Chicken Meatballs


Fried Tofu

Chicken Skin.... I could live on this CRISP deliciousness!

Some kinda crunchy cartiledge... I forgot what it's called! It hit the spot for my love of crunchy goodness though!

Eringi Mushroom... you HAVE to get this. It is SO good!

Tsukune with egg yolk dipping sauce

Now after your skewers, you get a choice of one rice or noodle dish. The choices were Soboro Don, Ochazuke, or Somen. Everyone in my group got something different. At this point I was so stuffed that I could only take one bite per dish!

And finally dessert (which is included in the course), there was a choice of Shiso Sorbet (so refreshing and not sweet at all!) and Yokan (which is kinda like a red bean paste in jelly form; well, softer than jello but firmer than a pudding....)

Everyone was very happy and extremelyfull after this 3 HOUR LONG dinner!

Tori Shin
1193 1st Ave (Btwn 64th & 65th St)
New York 10065
Phone: 212-988-8408

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