Thursday, January 1, 2009

I Did Martha Again

Lately, when I need a dessert for some kinda gathering, I think of going to Martha Stewart's website first. I've been really loving her recipes!

So Wednesday was a perfect day to bake because it was:
1. Snowing
2. New Year's Eve!!

I was planning on baking Molasses cookies or gingery cookies, but guess what? I have no ground ginger! And my car's awful in the snow, so I had to work with what I had! I was pretty limited though because I didn't even have chocolate chips!!!

I narrowed it down to Martha's Rocky Ledge Bars, but I knew I would have to make substitutions because I didn't have caramels, semi-sweet chocolate chips, or the marshmallows. I did have the white chocolate and butterscotch chips.

So I desperately looked around to try and find a candy that could possibly replace the texture of a caramel. I found these:

They are called "Milky" and they are these old school Japanese candies that I grew up on. It's a semi-hard candy, but when you keep it in your mouth for a few seconds, it starts to become chewy. So I chopped a few of these and dumped them in the batter.

I also like different textures running through my food, so I wanted something crunchy. No walnuts. Hmmm... another Japanese import!

Cocoa Krispies! I just sprinkled these on the top.

And the results?

I thought it would be like disgustingly sweet from the white chocolate and butterscotch but it was alright. I mean it was really sweet so a few bites is enough. Also, as the picture on Martha's website suggests, it's not a moist, cookie dough, like blondie... it's quite cakey. Not like all the way cakey but definitely a hybrid of dough and cake. I like my blondies and brownies super fudgey and moist!

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