Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Diner Desserts at Mirage Diner

Diner desserts kinda freak me out. It's like either really freakishly artificial-looking or just so like robotic. Also, I wonder how long those cakes and pies have been out for. I could be totally wrong, and they could be super delicious, but judging a book by it's cover, I never feel compelled to order dessert at a diner.

This past Friday, me and Ed went to Mirage Diner in New Rochelle for a quick bite to eat. When I walked by the dessert case to go to the bathroom, I felt a different vibe... something was calling me name. But I ignored it.

After finishing up my custom order salad, and filling up on the delicious, warm, made-on-premises (that's what our waiter told us) challah bread, I thought, "Hey, my meal was actually pretty good. Especially the bread." As our waiter, who by the way was the most helpful, charismatic waiter at a diner I've ever had, came back to take our plates, he asked if we wanted desserts. And he added "It's all homemade." I don't know why but I get so excited when I hear the word homemade.

I know, I know. Homemade does not = good. And sometimes, frozen, wholesale desserts (such as Bindi) = delicious!

Anyways, I decided to try something, and I walked to the dessert case. My waiter followed. He said, "I'll tell you which one's were made today, and which ones are my favorite." Now immediately, I love people who are enthusiastic about their food, so getting the inside scoop from my waiter was the first step. He recommended the banana cream pie (a.k.a. one of my favorite pies ever) and the chocolate mousse cake. Then he said, "Come to this side," and led me to the pastry case. He presented me with the "Rock". I think he said it was called The Rock. He said it was his absolute favorite out of everything. It was an enormous purse-shaped puff of a pastry. It looked like a square croissant, drizzled with chocolate, and dusted with powdered sugar. I asked, "What's inside?" Chocolate and cheese. I was somehow sold. But before I could say anything the waiter says, "Here, I'll bring you over a sample to see if you like it." Dang! Free shiz is always nice, but to get a sample at a diner, I felt kinda special :-)

He gave me and Ed each a quarter of the ginormous beauty. And yes, I liked it. I even loved it. And we got one to take home. And I had another half!!!

Hahaha! Wow, yeah seriously. Maybe eating that whole half was a bit much. The middle part was over-dough-load. But the outside was nice and light and flaky, and the cheese/chocolate combo was YUM!

Mirage Diner
690 North Ave
New Rochelle, NY 10801
Phone: 914-235-2568

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Kohaku said...

I usually scroll through pictures of food after glancing at it for no more than 2~3 seconds, but THAT picture... or those pictures... held my attention for at least half a minute. Kohaku wants some now ^_^