Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Need For More Meat On Sticks

I LOVE the movie There's Something About Mary...

Anyways, last Friday, I went out to Tori-Shin in NYC again with my family! It was still a wonderful experience! If you don't remember, I visited Tori-Shin back in July and was so impressed.

Just an FYI... Tori-Shin is not the traditional Izakaya Yakitori experience you would have in Japan... it's very fancy schmancy, but the food is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good!

On this visit, we had a lot of the same skewers but here were the highlights!

Salad with Chicken "Prosciutto" and Yuzu Dressing... I kept asking the guy, "I thought proscuitto was made of pork." And he kept saying "No, you can make it out of chicken."

Chicken Paté... It was like really rich, tasted like cream cheese-ish.

Chicken Meatballs with Takenoko... BF didn't share this one :-( But said it was delicious!

Nagoya Style Chicken Wings... Holy crap, this was like my favorite one! It was fried to a crisp, super juicy inside, with a sweet/spicy glaze on the outside. Heavenly!

Asparagus with Butter... Seasonal perfection!

Chicken Jerky with Mayo ... It's not really jerky, but it had that tough skin and stringy insides. I <3 jerky

That is all. Oh, and now they offer Curry Rice as the rice dish for the end of your meal! Ed got it and I tasted it and it was delicious!

Go now.

Tori Shin
1193 1st Ave (Btwn 64th & 65th St)
New York 10065
Phone: 212-988-8408

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