Thursday, March 26, 2009


I only think of my Bean stash when I'm craving Chili. And I wasn't really craving chili but I didn't have any kinda protein in my fridge so I decided on using up some good ol' pantry items!

Vegetarian Chili is SOOOOOO incredibly easy. And cheap. And so versatile.

I start off by sautéeing some veggies with garlic... in this one I added some Asparagus, Carrots, and Celery.

Then I add the can of drained Black Beans.

And then I bust out a can of Tomatoes (this one was whole plum tomatoes so I diced them). Depending on what consistency I want, I add Tomato Sauce.

SPICES! My favorite part because this is where I get to get creative :-)

The highlight of this pot o' chili was definitely the Cinnamon Stick. It added a nice depth and kinda sweetness that went well against the super spicy spices!

The Dark and Evil Chili



Anonymous said...

Love your blog! Read it all the time. But please don't associate beans with chili!! Traditionalists will say it's heresy.

Anonymous said...

It's just not chili around here without the beans!

Miki said...

I love beans! I know like the Texans don't like beany chili, but I wouldn't want it any other way :-P