Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Leftover Bananas

What do I do when I have no time and am completely stressed with school? I bake!

And I waste hours on Tastespotting looking for beautiful treats to bake. I knew I had frozen ripe banans so I wanted something banana-y...

I came across this Banana Cookie Bar recipe from Genesis of a Cook... the picture first got me, and then realizing it was like banana + cookie just totally got me!

The best part about my no-time baking story is that I totally was late to a doctors appointment because I miscalculated how much time I needed! I didn't read the directions thoroughly so I didn't know that I had to bake the crust by itself for 15 minutes first!!

Here's how it went.

2:39 Get ingredients out of pantry. Start mixing.

2:51 Stick dough in the oven. Make banana mixture.

3:00 Oh crap! I need to leave in 30 minutes for doctor's appointment.
3:02 Take out crust. Pour banana mixture onto crust. Top with chocolate chips and walnuts.
3:11 Stick it back in the oven. It says bake for 25 to 30 minutes.
3:35 Take it out of oven. Run out of the house for doctor's appointment!

But it was all good... they are AMAZING! I brought them to school today for my hardworking friends. Shoutout to Ferkauf!

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