Friday, March 13, 2009

Back-up Desserts

Im such a neurotic freak. I have back up dessert stashed in the bottom of my freezer "just in case" I ever don't have a dessert. I usually have cookies and cakes on hand from Lulu's cuz i totally stock up. But last night, for some reason, I didn't have anything from Lulu's!

That's when I remembered... oh crap. I totally have some stuff.

Ok, I dunno if anyone else does this but sometimes when I can't decide on a dessert at a restaurant, I order one there, and then get one to go (assuming it's not ice cream or anything frozen). So like a few months ago, when I went to SOMA 107 in White Plains, I couldn't decide between the chocolate cake and a Passionfruit Cheesecake. So me and Ed got both. But I wasn't feeling cheesecake that night, so I wrapped it up tight in saran wrap and aluminum foil and put it in the freezer for "another time". Which just happened to be last night! OMG it was really good!

So, I'm really not a fan of spongey cake bases for cheesecakes. And I think I would've liked this cheesecake more if it was a graham cracker crust or some kinda cookie crust. But the actual cheesecake part was excellent! It was nice and creamy. Cheesecake is a dessert that if it's too heavy, I just can't eat that much. This one was pretty light and creamy. I think passionfruit is a flavor that gets abused a lot. Sometimes it just tastes really artificial-tropical and too sweet. But this was actually tasted like passionfruit! There was a thin layer of passionfruit gelatin on the top. It was actually very sweet but I think the base to cake ratio made it a really good combo. The sponge part was actually very thick, enough so that I could possibly consider it a sponge cake with "cheesecake frosting"... that's a little extreme, but the cake part was like one third of the cake!

And of course, as a back-up dessert, I usually have frozen homemade cookie dough. I busted out these awesome Chocolate Chip Cookies.

I swear, the Molasses Brown Sugar gives it the best flavor and texture. And wait... look at how freakin' thick this cookie is. It's like 3 times the thickness of my fingertips!

I am very happy that I have hidden secrets in my freezer that I sometimes forget about! It's like a little surprise :-)


Anonymous said...

Miki--since you guys are such dessert freaks (much like myself) you have to check out momofuku milk bar in NYC.....their cookies are insane....and they also serve cereal milk in different flavors......try a slice of the crack pie and the banana cake as me...this place takes sweets to a whole other level..!!!!


Miki said...

We have tried Momofuku Milk Bar! I have a post on their banana hazelnut crunchy cake! We also tried 2 of their cookies!! They are very very creative!