Sunday, March 15, 2009

Hina Matsuri A.K.A. Girl's Day

Hina Matsuri is an official holiday in Japan to celebrate girls yay! But my mom always thought it was unfair for my brother, so on March 3rd, which is the holiday, she just calls is Children's Day. There is actually an official Children's Day, which is called Tango No Sekku, which is on May 5th, so I get to celebrate both!

Basically, on these days, my mom cooks an awesome meal. So last night, me, Ed, my bro Kyuta, his girlfriend Amanda, and their friend Jess went over to my mom's house for a... :: drum roll please!:: ...


Curry with Rice and Hamburg Steak=Japanese Comfort/Soul Food

But that wasn't the only thing on the menu... There were so many other old school favorites of mine!
1. Anchovy Cream Dip- New Item!

I got there before everyone and my mom says to me, try this dip. It's a new recipe. I want you to try and guess what's in it. I knew immediately that there were anchovies in it because I'm obsessed with them right now. She then proudly says, "There's only 4 ingredients!" I gave up and she told me.... Anchovies, Garlic, Olive Oil, Heavy Cream. It was so good! And of course she never measures anything so these were her directions:
1. Sautée the minced garlic in a generous amount of olive oil.
2. Add anchovies... I guess she used anchovy paste because there were no chunks.
3. When everything is mixed together, add heavy cream and stir constantly. Adjust texture and flavor to your liking. After the first taste test, my mom said she had put too much anchovy so she just kept adding the heavy cream.

2. Japanese Style Potato Salad

If you've never had Japanese style potato salad, you haven't lived! It's tangy and light. My mom confessed that the potatoes were overcooked and ended up getting mashed into the other veggies. She suggested that it might be good baked in a casserole topped with Panko and Cheese, like a potato gratin... I will have to try!

3. Green Beans and Asparagus with Bacon

Yumm... simple but delicious!

4. Hijiki No Nimono (Stewed Hijiki)

This is a very traditional, super-healthy Japanese dish that my mom makes for me because I just love it! She loads is with plenty of vegetables such as shiitake, renkon (lotus root), takenoko (bamboo shoot), gobo (burdock root), carrots, and konnyaku!

5. Hamburg Steak- Some with shrimp/cheese

OMG I LOVE HAMBURG! It is usually served in what the Japanese call "fami-resu" short for family restaurant (the Japanese version of a diner). Everyone loves hamburg. It's like a known fact. It's basically meatloaf in the shape of a steak (meaning it's more of an oval patty, rather than a loaf that is sliced). And wow, my mom makes the best hamburg! It's the perfect texture and flavor :-)

6. The Whole Plate with the Curry- I was a little greedy and piled up my plate!

My mom also makes the best curry :-) F.Y.I- Japanese curry is very different from Indian and Thai curry! It's a totally different experience! How could I not pile up my plate when I'm served all my favorite foods?!


My mom and I work well in the kitchen... I will forever be her sous chef!


Kohaku said...

Ohhh hamburg and curry! Both items are on the top 5 fave foods of kids (national survey) in Japan.

I have never made hamburg before so I should try.

Hinamatsuri is awesome. I love the concept and the 'stair-case' of dolls. Now, I dare you to sing the Hinamatsuri song! (No, just kidding)

I read/skimmed all of your posts and I like the post about making ravioli with gyoza skins. I need to try that too >_<

Awesome blog, so keep it up!

Miki said...

Thanks for reading my blog! The raviolo with the gyoza skins was different from traditional ravioli but sooooooo goood! Try different fillings too!