Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Muffin That Changed My Life

I'm pretty dramatic when it comes to food. Certain foods have "changed my life", and I hope that more foods continue to "change my life". Sometimes certain foods are just so unusual and delicious that it just gets imprinted on my mind as "NEVER FORGET THIS!"

One of them was the Lemon Ginger Muffin from Lulu's that I had first tried maybe a little bit over a year ago. At that time, I loved muffins but I had only been eating the traditional muffins a.k.a. blueberry, corn, and banana. One day, I walked into Lulu's with a strange craving for a muffin, and not a cupcake. So they suggested I try their Lemon Ginger muffin, and at first I was like, "uhmmm.... is this gonna satisfy my muffin craving?" They couldn't guarantee it but they told me that it was good, which was good enough for me :-) I have complete faith in their recommendations.

Oh man. This is the king muffin top of all muffin tops. Its got the crunch of the edges and the delicious pieces of candied ginger spread all over.

So, the flavor of this muffin has a very gentle lemony flavor--- it doesn't kick you in the face like, let's say, the lemon curd of a lemon bar may.

Lulu's muffins also have a very distinct texture. It's not moist, per se, but more soft and delicate. The contrast of the "POW"-intensity of the muffin top to the "I'm so cute and delicious" muffin bottom part is really just ridiculous.

Lulu Cake Boutique
40 Garth Road
Scarsdale, NY 10583
Phone: 914-722-8300

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