Sunday, February 8, 2009

Babs' Birthday!

Happy Birthday Babs! As of today, she is __ years old!!! Her party was on Saturday.

Babs was super sick with a sinus infection, but it was fun nonetheless! Marlene the party host and the birthday girl's mother did a wonderful job with setting up and satisfying our bellies. I have become known among my friends to only go to social gatherings to eat. I told them. And they're O.K. with that so... I guess we're cool haha.

I have never been to Lola on the Grill in Yonkers, on Tuckahoe Road, but that's where the food came from. I am very ignorant when it comes to Latin/Mexican/Peruvian cuisine, even though I've loved all the things I've tried, but I really liked this stuff!

Rice with Beans (my favorite of the night!)

Pork (Ribs in an oily, stewy sauce)... So good!

Plantains... I didn't get to try these because I was too distracted by the other stuff!

Italian Combo Sandwiches... I'm not sure where these are from, and I didn't have any because I filled up on the Rice and Pork haha!

And of course the birthday girl cutting her "Rainbow" cake! *Her mom was a hippie and was going to name her Rainbow, but went with Barbra instead ;-)

Lola on the Grill
662 Tuckahoe Road
Yonkers, NY 10710
Phone: 914-779-5652


Amanda said...

I can't believe you have never had Lola's before!!! AND you skipped the plantains, which is sad, because they are super tasty. Kyuta and I usually get the pastellios (ground beef in deep fried pastries) and mufungo (chicken, pork or beef in a plantain cake with brown sauce). Their whole chicken is also AMAZING, which comes with this delicious garlic sauce. Another good dish was the pork kebobs, which were succulent and full of spice/flavor. They used to deliver to me, now they don't, :-( so I have been (sadly) without Lola's for a while... The parking is kinda crappy over there which is why it was such a treat that they used to deliver to us.

Miki said...

Omg gimme a lesson on their menu!!! They sound amazing!! the pastellios sound like samosas yummm!!