Sunday, February 15, 2009


Omurice is another one of my "oh-my god-it reminds-me-of-chidhood" foods! My mom made it so freakin' good! And I try to make this for Ed as much as possible when I have leftover rice, because I want to pass on the love <33

It's so eaaassssyyyy!!!

All you need are:
Leftover rice
2 Eggs
Corn Kernels
Chicken (or ham, or whatever leftover meat you have)

You put the rice, corn, meat in a frying pan with some oil. When all is heated up and the rice is dry, add the ketchup (I don't know measurements, but add as much as you like. Just don't make the rice soggy!).

Then you whisk up the 2 eggs (add a splash of milk if you want them fluffy!) and pour into a heated, oiled frying pan. Add the ketchup rice on one side of the eggs. Just before the eggs are fully cooked (you want it a litttle runny), you flip the empty half of the eggs over the rice side. Ta-da!

Top with ketchup and enjoyyyy!

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