Friday, May 15, 2009

23? LAME!

Jeese, I keep thinking being 23 years old is like the most unexciting age ever! I'm almost in my mid twenties, I can't yet rent a car, I can't get anyone under the age of 21 into Dave and Busters. But let's focus on the positives. I can buy alcohol and I can buy cigarettes :-)

Well my birthday started off awesome. I had my usual Friday pilates class and then I went to get my nails did with my mom, and I also got a (very rough) back massage. Then we came back to my apartment so I could shower, get ready, and open presents! I was showered with gifts from mommy, and my brother and his gf got me the coolest Hello Kitty Cooler/Heater!

At around 3 we left for Manhattan. We went in early to just walk around and chill. Since we were going to dinner at Lan in the East Village, we hung around there. I found Cha-An which is a little Japanese tea house that I'd been dying to go to!

This is how they served me my tea!

My mom's Sake Mojito

My brother's Hoji-Cha... my favorite tea!

My Tibetan Pu - Erh

My brother's tea set: Smoked Salmon Tea Sandwich and Raspberry Butter Tea Sandwich on fresh, mini bagels (The bagels were amazing!)... Hot and crusty!

Also comes with sweets... the scones are piping hot, straight from the oven! I had one with fresh cream and blueberry jam. O-M-F-G.... the best scone I have ever had! It also comes with a Macaron, Shortbread Cookie, and Poundcake

Second order of tea: Genmai-Cha... this tasted very light to me. When I have Genmai-Cha at my mom's, it has much more flavor.

I'm so glad I finally know where this place is. It's such a nice place to just relax and have a cup-o-tea.

Cha-An Japanese Tea House
230 E 9th St 2nd Fl (Btwn 2nd & 3rd Ave),
New York, NY 10003
Phone: 212-228-8030

My birthday dinner? Lan... coming soon!

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