Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers Are Amazing

I think mothers are amazing. I mean, I think parents are amazing in general. I think raising children is one of the most difficult tasks. Not that I know, but I do recognize the hard work that parents put in... mostly because I was SUCH a difficult kid. Especially as an adolescent!
So now as a more mature, semi-adult, I absolutely cherish the relationship that my mom and I have. And I love Mother's Day because it makes her see what an awesome job she did as a mom.
Today was totally up to my mom. I told her that we'd do whatever she wanted. So of course dinner was on the agenda. We were also supposed to go into the city early to go shopping. But some things changed (I guess HP wanted us to go shopping locally... Lord and Taylor!) so we just went into the city for dinner at Bouley. My mom had eaten here a few weeks ago and loved it, so she wanted to come back.

The decor of Bouley is really interesting. When you first walk through the doors, you enter a little area with a green door and a wall lined with apples... a very Alice in Wonderland feel. Then the bar, lounge area is modern. Then the main dining area... at first glance, I thought it looked really stuffy, and like old school French. But the longer I sat there and looked around, I realized it was more interesting than ugly. There were so many different floral prints, and different textures, and different paintings, and different light fixtures. It was kind of a mess, but it was kind of cool!

Our waiters and waitress were incredible. So friendly, and so funny (the man waiter reminded me of Ed... he was like the French reincarnation of Ed!). The service was really great.... just enough attention so that we got everything we needed, but like not all up in our shizz. Also, the waiters and waitresses were so comfortable to talk to... yet still so professional.

So onto the food. They had a special Mother's Day Tasting Menu. There were 5 Courses. Just an FYI- their portions are small! It was definitely enough for me, but I was so concerned for my brother! He finished everything in two bites!

It started off with delicious Sourdough Bread and Apple and Raisin Bread with creamy butter.
Also, as an amuse bouche, they served us little cups layered with tomato coulis, some white mousse-like substance, topped with trout caviar.

First Course:

I got the White Asparagus appetizer. Delicious. It was a very wintery flavor though... it had a mushroom sauce and I equate shroomy flavors with winter.

My mom got the Tuna. It was absolutely delicious. I usually really dislike red tuna sashimi. It's like too "bloody" (lacking in fatty flavor) for me. But this was fresh and tasty with the yuzu miso sauce.

My brother got the Porcini Flan with tons of crabmeat. It was so freakin good. As my brother mentioned, it was very similar in texture to Japanese "chawan-mushi".

Second Course:

My brother and I both got the Lobster. In my opinion, this was really lacking in flavor. I love the taste of lobster on its own, so usually prefer to have it with simple lemon and/or butter. This one had a dark sauce with it. I couldn't tell what the sauce was, or better yet, what the role the sauce played. It was bland and vague.

My mom's Trout on the other hand was great! The semi-crispy skin was doused with this delicious sauce. Again, I couldn't tell what the flavor was, but this one was a positive addition to the fish!

Third Course:

My personal favorite was my Duckling with a gingery sauce, and sweetened julienned vegetables and what I thought was wheat berries. The skin was nice and crispy, the meat was perfectly medium rare, and I really enjoyed my first experience of "duckling"!

My mom's Chicken with almond purée. OMG.... what the eff?! This was too moist, too tender to be chicken. I really thought it was a firm fish... like swordfish. You wouldn't believe it.

And my brother's Rack of Lamb with mint purée and brussels sprouts. Delish.

As a side, they served us the most amazing duo of Mashed Potatoes and Puréed Ramps... it was so addictive. I couldn't stop eating it!

Fourth Course:

Coconut Soup with passionfruit, pineapple granite, organic yogurt sorbet... Better than the real dessert course! This was sooooooooooo good! The tangy yogurt sorbet went perfectly with the passionfruit!

Fifth Course:

A little teaser of Banana Creme Brulée.

Poached Pears (it was actually more like a cheesecake wrapped in thinly sliced poached pears) with vanilla and some other flavor of ice cream.

All I could say when I saw my mom's Chocolate Frivolous was OMG!!!! Chocolate brulée, chocolate dacquoise, warm chocolate cake (the best!), and other chocolatey things! This was like chocolate overload.

The Amaretto Flan that my brother "ordered". Since he does not like sweets, he usually is obligated to order whatever dessert my mother and I don't get ;-) This was good as well and it came with two flavors of ice cream. I really didn't know what the flavors were... some kinda liquor. My fav was the carmelized bananas... I <3 BANANAS!

This dinner was definitely a success... My experience was filled with laughter, joy, family, comfort and serenity. Everything from the timing of the food to the interactions with my brother and mom were amazing! I love my family. I'm really so lucky!

163 Duane Street (@ Hudson Street)
New York, NY 10013
Phone: 212-964-2525

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