Saturday, May 2, 2009

I Don't Do Well With Change

I am so rigid, organized, and routine-focused, that whenever there are events that change what I have planned, I get really anxious. So when will I learn that life happens, and my plan is usually (or a lot of times) not what my HP has planned for me? I'm so silly :-)

In my last post, I had mentioned that tonight was my Mom's Birthday Party. And I was doing all the necessary preparations yesterday; cleaning, grocery shopping, preparing some dishes...

At 6 o'clock, Ed came to pick me up and we had been planning to go to Whole Foods to do some other grocery shopping. As he was calling me to tell me he was downstairs, he says, "Babe, can you come down quickly. I feel like my body's shutting down." OMFG! What the hell?!

When I got down to his car, he was leaning on the wall of the building, unable to keep himself up. We went straight to Lawrence Hospital. To make a loooooooooooong story short, the doctor is pretty positive he has Guillain Barré Syndrome which is a rare disorder where the immune system attacks the peripheral nervous system. Basically the symptoms are weak/numb/tingly limbs and eventually paralysis if left untreated.

Lucky for Ed, even though his symptoms came on out of the blue and was pretty bad, he got well over night. He had to stay in the hospital over night, and he's still there... probably until tomorrow. He has been ordered by the doctor to take a few days off from work (yay for him!). So basically, I was a nervous wreck thinking about all the things that I had to do for today for my Mom's Party. But I took all this as a sign from HP saying that today just wasn't the day. "Just go with the flow" he was telling me, because nothing was gonna go the way I had planned.

So I called my mom to cancel the party and of course she was totally OK with it. Instead, we decided to go out for dinner. Her dinner of choice as of late has been Moscato in Scarsdale. I had been there with her like 4 years ago and it was really like a forgettable experience. I remember ordering a fish special for lunch, and it was like $40.00. And it wasn't even that good. Also, my mom had ordered a "LOBSTER" pasta... if by lobster they meant crawfish, it would've been cool.

So, as of late, my mom has been obsessing about this place and all I could think of was that unpleasant experience. Plus people on Chowhound had been complaining, so I wasn't too enthusiastic to go. But tonight really changed my view of them.

We ordered a bajillion dishes and shared everything. Unfortunately, for the appetizers, I didn't get many pictures because the waiters served everything so we all just had a big plate scattered with unpretty-but-delicious food :-)

My mom said we HAD to order the Fegatini di Pollo al Balsamico (chicken liver) appetizer, so we did. AND OMG, I love liver so this was heavenly. The liver was delicious, and the balsamic vinegar dressing on the salad was the perfect flavor to go with it! And the parmesan crust was delish!

We also got the Burratta with Tomatoes and Watermelon. I had heard some Burratta talk on Chowhound so I was curious. Apparently, it's a cheese made with 3 different kinds of milk? It was so delicate, and so very mild. It was great!

Finally, for our last appetizer, we got the Vongole Oreganata. My mom and bro were like obsessed with it. I thought it was just OK.

We got two salads. The Insalata di Carciofi (Baby Artichokes, Arugola, White Mushrooms, and Pamiggiano in lemon and olive oil) and the Insalata Cesare (with two whole strips of anchovies! I claimed one and my brother got the other!). Both were so good but I definitely loved the first one better!

For entrées, I got the fish special:

Mako Shark with Shaved Melon and Spinach. OMG my new fav fish! It's a meaty fish similar to swordfish! And the lemony sauce that accompanied the fish just screamed, "MEDITERRANEAN!" It was sooooooo good!

My Mom got the Rack of Lamb with Blueberry Sauce.

This sauce went great with the meat! However, the meat was a little tough. Maybe I'm just used to the perfect rack of lamb at X20!

Amanda (my brother's gf) got the Beef Medallions with Almonds.

The meat was super tender, and I loved the crunch of the sliced almonds!

My brother got the Breaded Veal stuffed with Proscuitto and Cheese.

This was pretty good. But I could've sworn the inside was ham! Like regular cold cut ham! OOPS!

And since my mom can't go to an Italian restaurant without ordering a pasta dish, we got the pasta special.

Basil Ravioli filled with Goat Cheese and Chives. This could've been heavier on the goat cheese flavor, but with the tomatoes and the sweet cookie crumbs (I think), it was great!

Dessert Time!!

Warm Banana Cake with Bruléed Bananas and Vanilla Ice Cream. The banana cake was in the shape of an overfilled muffin, and it was dry and the top was hard. BUT the bananas were amazing!

We also got the Upside Down Apple Tart with Apple Sorbet. This one I definitely liked better. The apple tart was simple and delicious. The apple sorbet tasted, as Amanda said, "like a Jolly Rancher!" It totally did!

And finally, since the waiters forgot to since my mom Happy Birthday when they brought the desserts over, they brought over a plate of Chocolate Biscotti and they sang Happy Birthday!

Awww! Happy Birthday Mom!

Soooo.... all in all, it was a great meal. Not perfect by any means, but I enjoyed many of the dishes. Plus, our waiter was super Italian and so awesome!


874 Scarsdale Avenue
Scarsdale, New York 10583
Phone: 914-723-5700
Fax : 914-723-1781

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