Monday, May 18, 2009


I am obsessed with Greek Yogurt (only Fage though... I tried Oikos made by Stonyfield and it was not nearly as thick!). I like it with fruit and honey. I like it with cinnamon. But KathEats has once again opened my eyes up to using a favorite ingredient in a new way... as a substitute for sour cream!

2 weeks ago, me and Ed were at the grocery store and we couldn't decide on what we wanted. Suddenly, I got this weird craving for Nachos!!!! RANDOM! So we got all the ingredients. Our last item was sour cream and then I remembered how Kath from KathEats uses Greek Yogurt as a creamy sour cream substitution topping for everything!

So of course Ed and I made different versions of the nachos. His involved freaky deaky canned chili!

We also added pretzels, and a Mexican Blend shredded cheese. And I made him add celery sticks for healthy veggies!

Mine was a little more gourmet :-)
Chips, pretels, pepperoncini peppers, goat cheese, and the Mexican blend cheese. I had the salsa and "sour cream" on the side so as to not make the chips soggy.

So cute!

Here's my face in action while eating. This series of facial expression happens every time I eat something extraordinary... I am famous for these faces :-)




Yes, it's coming...


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Anonymous said...

HAHAHA!!! I love every single one of your faces babe... except your no upper lip, extraordinary gums face!!! I love you! Muah!