Thursday, June 4, 2009

An Asian Flair

I've been seeing these Mochi Cakes all over Tastespotting and me being Japanese and pretty much obsessed with incorporating Japanese-ness into everything, I was totally intrigued! I had an idea of what the cake's texture would be like: Firm and Chewy.

My printer was on BROKEN mode, so here was my ghetto "printout"

The recipes I had been finding were with blueberries.... and I thought for me, it wouldn't be dessert-y enough with healthy old blueberries. So I browsed the supermarket slowly and ended up with this combo...

Basically, this cake substitutes Rice Flour (aka Mochiko) for regular Flour. The recipe called for regular sugar and 2 cups of it! But since I was going to put in Raisinets, I figured I could cut down the sugar by half! Oh and I thought, "eff sugar, let's do honey!"... I love honey in everything!

This recipe was enough for 2 8x8 pans! I did one with chopped pecans, and one without.

And since they were so firm, it was the easiest thing to get them out of the pans! And cutting it was sooooo easy to.. the knife just slid right through :-)

The raisinets sank to the bottom :-( But it was delicious nonetheless!!

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