Sunday, June 7, 2009

I Scream For Even More Ice Cream!

I've been on such an ice cream kick! Last summer, I ate ice cream like twice (in America. In Japan, I ate it a lot more!). So this year, I started craving the Carvelanche (with bananas and Reese's PB cups!) early. And then I discovered Sedutto! So on trip #2 to Sedutto, I got to try even more stuff!

I knew this time that I wanted to try their plain Frozen Yogurt. The first time I had this tangy delicious treat was at the Lord And Taylor's cafe with my mom. Then, it was the Pinkberry frenzy. And now comes Sedutto. The plain was delish! Nice and creamy. If you've never had plain fro-yo you must. It tastes like my favorite Japanese yogurt called Bulgaria.If you've never had Bulgaria, it tastes like Yakult, the tiny little yogurt drinks. omfg :-)

So I got that, and half a small of Peanut Butter Crunch and the other half Midnight Cookies and Cream! For PB lovers, you must get this one. And if you love chocolate ice cream, and cookies and cream, but want both and can't decide, get the Midnight Cookies and Cream!

The boyfriend got a LARGE of half Milky Way and half Cake Batter. It's so convenient how he coincidentally wants exactly what I want (him to get)! AKA---> he gets whatever else I feel embarrassed to order because I don't want people to think I actually eat ALL of it! But I do...

OMG! The Milky Way is soooooo good and caramelly and the Cake Batter has huge chunks of yellow cake pieces. Why would you ever go to Coldstone when Sedutto has the best creations already!?

So it is now official that I live on the BEST street ever! Lulu, All' Antica, Sedutto.... what's next a Sushi of Gari?!

67 Garth Road
Scarsdale, NY 10583
Phone: 914-374-0760

Mon-Thu 11:30am-10pm
Fri-Sat 11:30am-11pm
Sun 12pm-10pm

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