Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Slice Of Life

The thing I like most about pizza is the versatility. You can top it with so many different things. You can adjust the thickness of the crust. You can make different shapes. It's like whatever you want, you can have, especially if you make it yourself!

Now, I have never "made" pizza. I have now constructed my own pizza, but I still have never "made" pizza dough. Thank god for Trader Joe's and other markets for selling ready made pizza dough (because I don't have patience for yeast)!

I must say that this pizza creation night with Ed was one of the most fun times I've had cooking with him. It was so like, D.I.Y. and anything goes.

Ed <3 Plain, Chicken Parm, Extra Cheese, Floppy
Miki <3 Thin Crust, Vegetables, White, Salad, Anything from All' Antica

Me and Ed always compromise. I attempted at making half the pie thick and half the pie thin... it kinda worked out haha. Compromising on the toppings was easy. He wanted grilled chicken, and I wanted balsamic roasted eggplant. So we first prepared our toppings.

Then, I wanted to be THE pizza man and throw the dough all up in the air.

(I think I was trying to sing some Italian song yelling "AMORÉ!")

Then, I calmed down and just spread with my fingers.

Plopped the toppings on.

And BAM!

Gorrrrrrgeous :-)

Taste? The pizza dough tasted wayyyyy to Whole Wheat-y. The toppings were amazing! The dough was still too thick for me. So for next time, (because me and Ed are now obsessed with making pizza), we got a pizza stone! Hopefully my pizza dough stretching out skills will improve with time, and I'll also try some of my other favorite toppings! ANCHOVIIIIESSSSSSS.... yes....

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