Thursday, August 21, 2008


...the love of my life! (Sorry, babe!)
But Ed knows how much I LOVE Lulu's in Scarsdale, NY. I am so grateful that this little bakery is located right on my street...a 7 minute walk!

What I Love About Lulu's:
1. Everything is delicious... everything is either so classic or so unique that I am mesmerized. When something is "classic" it's done right, no, PERFECT. The yellow cake is so moist and melt-in-your-mouth delicious. Their chocolate chip is so very classic. But it is the best tasting chocolate chip cookie i've ever had. The consistency of the cookie is also the best i've ever had. A chewey-ness that I personally have never been able to achieve in my own journey of baking the perfect chocolate chip cookie! Now when i say "unique" i am talking about their specialty cakes. Right now I am eating a Peanut Butter-Banana-Chocolate cake... Brilliant? I think so. Such a cliche combination but who's ever made it a reality (and this good!?)? Also, their "Maui Wowie" cake is my absolute favorite! A yellow cake with passionfruit curd!!! Perfect combination of tart and sweet! Or how about the Rum Raisin Bar? Never even heard of it, but when my tongue flirted with the flavors, it tasted so right. An oatmeal cookie like base with rum curd, studded with plenty of regular and golden raisins and topped with a crumb topping.
2. Their stuff reminds me of childhood innocence... Yodels, Devil Dogs, enourmous 1/2 pound Cupcakes with pastel Buttercream frosting....
3. Without the friendly faces working at Lulu's, I would be less inclined to go the 3 times a week that i do <3

I have a sampler of Lulu's desserts most nights of the week... I'm a Lulu's addict. It's hard to resist when in every bite, you can taste the quality of all the ingredients that they use.
Here are some pictures that will make you drool...

The dried fruit cookie... crunchy, buttery, crumbly, and every bite has dried fruit!

The infamous chocolate chip cookie... I get excited for the melty, chocolate chunks!

A sliced Yodel... mmm... Cream, cake, and chocolate!

In the front is the Rum Raisin Bar and in the background is the cheesecake brownie... Just look, its beautiful!

Look at this monstrosity...

And the beauty... this was delicious! You have to really concentrate on each flavor; the banana cake, the not-too-overwhelming peanut butter frosting, and the chocolate chips. Its really great!

If you are in Westchester, NY... do yourself a favor and go to Scarsdale and go to LULU'S!!

40 Garth Road,
Scarsdale, NY 10583
Phone: 914-722-8300


Amanda said...

You are great at food porn!!! I am drooling. :P*

Lulu's shares my top favorite spot with Riviera Bakehouse in Ardsley. Both have amazingly moist delicious (and BEAUTIFUL) cakes. I must say, my food being attractive is such a big deal. You can tell they put a lot of effort in, adding all sorts of crazy poppin' colors and hand made chocolate pieces.
My favorite cake there is the crazy birthday cake.
It is chocolate cake with oreo whipped cream filling, buttercream frosting and white chocolate candles. Thinking about all this cake had made me want to go buy a cake for no reason and eat it. mmmmmm :*)

Miki said...

Go get a cake! You never need an "occasion" to buy a cake!!!!

Thanks for the comment! I hope you're enjoying your new job!