Sunday, August 24, 2008

All' Antica Part 2

Yes... there is a part 2 to my new favorite pizza place, All' Antica in Scarsdale, NY!

Me and Ed ate here on Saturday night. Here is a note to start off my second adventure to All' Antica- I RARELY REQUEST TO EAT PIZZA... I know for a lot of people, they eat it for convenience or to save money. For me, most of the foods I eat are to make me and my belly happy!

So here's how the conversation went between me and Ed on Saturday:
ME: Hey, Babe?
ED: Yeah?
ME: Can we have dinner tonight at that pizza place in front of the Scarsdale train station?
ED: [With a face of surprise and skepticism] Yeah sure!

This time, we tried many new things!

#1- Contadini Slice- Thinly sliced potatoes and proscuitto

OH.MY.GOODNESS... Here is what I wrote on Chowhound about this slice...
I am not the biggest fan of potatoes... I tend to skip on french fries, baked potatoes, and mashed potatoes unless im REALLY craving it. But the way the potatoes were used in this slice was delish! The thin potato slices were also cooked perfectly... It was not mush, it actually had a nice bite to it. I also thought it was gonna be bland.... i was so wrong. The slice was so flavorful! The herbs and the proscuitto really spiced up the slice! It was just so creative!

Look at those herbs!

#2- Plain Pie straight from the oven!

This was absolutely incredible. It was done right. I got to enjoy the already delicious slice HOT and BUBBLING! Wow. I mean, it was really just so perfect. The crust was crispy, the sauce was flavorful, and there was the right amount of cheese!

Cheese on bottom, sauce on top!


#3- Baked Orzo Primavera- Orzo baked in a creamy sauce with vegetables, topped with mozzarella cheese!

We got to sample this side dish after all our pizza-munching! This was so delicious too... unfortunately, we were already SO full from the pizza that we both only took a few bites. The concept of this dish is very similar to a baked ziti or a baked macaroni and cheese... Their version involves orzo, peas, carrots, and mushrooms in a light creamy sauce and then topped with mozzarella. Like the guy at All' Antica promised, this dish is surprisingly not heavy despite the cream sauce.

I really am starting to LOVE where I live. I got amazing baked goods from Lulu's and amazing pizza from All' Antica!

P.S.- I got to talk with the guys of All' Antica for a bit and I just love the LOVE that they put into the food that they make. They are passionate about their food and it really shows!

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Mr. said...

Sorry, but I found this pizza totally unsatisfying. Crust was too stiff and tasteless. Sauce was ordinary. Cheese on my Margherita was fresh mozzarella but had little flavor.