Sunday, August 3, 2008

Pick-Your-Own at Alstede Farm!

Today was by far the best day of Summer 2008! Me and Ed went peach, raspberry, and blackberry picking at Alstede Farm in Chester, NJ!

I loved this place because it was big, spacious, had lots of fruit, had a petting zoo, and it was just very family friendly (not that it matters to me because I don't have kids.... yet!)!

We first started off in the Raspberry lanes!

I was ECSTATIC to pick my first raspberry... but I then continued to go diggin' through the viney bushes like a madman!

This was my "mesmerized" face as I ate my first freshly-picked raspberry!

Looked at all the raspberries we picked!! What should I make?

We did some work in the Blackberry lanes but found only a few :-(

BUT THEN!!!! Here comes the peaches!

After a few disappointing trees, we came to the king of all peach trees!

I was a natural at peach-picking! Proof:

"Would like care for some fresh berries and peaches, sir?"

But that's not it....
In the market, we discovered that they have homemade ICE CREAM!
Of course I HAD to go for what's in season....

Peach-Raspberry Ice Cream
Look at that huge peach chunk!

BEST DAY EVER <3 Thanks, babe!

Alstede Farms
84 Route 513 (Old Route 24)
Chester, New Jersey 07930
Phone: 908-879-7189

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