Sunday, August 10, 2008

Weekend Trip to Boston!

I went to Boston this weekend! It was my first time (as an adult) and it was SUCH a blast!
My friend Mike went to Northeastern for college and he graduated this May but he still had his lease for the apartment so he invited us to come up to spend the weekend!
We got there on Friday afternoon, and I actually had an appointment for some research stuff at Massachusetts General Hospital at 1:45. Mike and our other friend Danielle met us Friday night because they had to leave after work. So after the hospital, me and Ed drove to Harvard Square to just walk around.

We walked around looking for a place to eat dinner and spontaneously fell into Shilla Korean and Japanese Restaurant.

Because of my budget, I ended up just feasting on the free pickled vegetables, a salad, and a california roll. The california was average... nothing special. The kimchi and other ban chan were not very good... everything had a sesame-oil taste, which wouldn't have been bad if it was supposed to!
Then we walked around a little more. We promised each other that since dinner was "eh", we would go all out for dessert! Of course before leaving for Boston, I did my research on YELP and decided that Finale in Harvard Square was the perfect option.

They have a bakery where you can get desserts and pastries to go, but I thought sitting at a table would be nice to get the full experience!
I am SO indecisive when it comes to food.... especially dessert!--->Because it is my absolute FAVORITE part of any meal! I finally decided on a very new addition to their menu... thePassionfruit Meringue Tart that also came with passionfruit sorbet and fresh fruit.

I was a little nervous because I was really craving chocolate so the passionfruit might not do the trick... but OMG I was so happy i ordered it! I LOVE PASSIONFRUIT! The little tart was filled with a passionfruit curd and had a meringue topping. It reminded me of the Passionfruit-Mango Pavlova that I had in Australia this summer :-)

Ed went for the Boston Cream... they described this one as "[...] Finale's version of the famed dessert featuring yellow cake, vanilla Bavarian cream, and rich chocolate ganache. Miniature chocolate whoopie pies, a vanilla gelato sandwich with cherry almond Florentines, apricot sauce and fresh fruit round out this Boston-focused treat."

I was very happy that Ed got this dessert because it is DEFINITELY an awesome treat if you L-O-V-E chocolate! It was the perfect balance of flavors and textures!

Oh... and the mini whoopie pies were AWESOME!! They were chewy, dense, mini, brownie rounds sandwiching the perfect amount of icing!
The perfect ending to our first day in Boston.

Then came Saturday...
We got off to a slow morning because we met up pretty late the night before and got to Mike's house late. We slept in a little and had breakfast with Mike's suggestion at Thornton's. It was delicious! They had a huge, unique menu of breakfast foods and i was again panicking because I didn't know what I wanted! I went for the Blueberry Pancakes! I haven't had Blueberry Pancakes in forever.... and that's the truth. They were fluffy, light, loaded with blueberries, and of course delicious! I also ordered a poached egg and strawberries on the side. A well-balanced, delicious way to start off our day!
**There are no pictures of this meal because I was way too excited and forgot to take the pictures when the food arrived!

After fueling up, we walked across the street to the Prudential Center where were saw the "The Church of Christ, Scientist" and the pretty water fountains. We then went up the Prudential Tower where we got a gorgeous view of Boston.

The Longfellow Bridge

Fenway Park!

The "I don't know why it's famous" Citgo Sign

And my beautiful friends and BF (Danielle, Ed, Mike from left to right)
And inside the mall Ed bought me a...

HELLO KITTY RAIN COAT! (yes it's a children's raincoat...)

After leaving the Prudential Center, we just walked all over Boston from Back Bay to the North End, so I'll just give a summary...
-Walk down Boylston Street

(The Marathon Finish Line!)
-Trinity Church
-Boston Garden

Yep, we were on the Swan Boat!

-Walk to Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market---> Quincy Market was just a whole building of food places!

**No pics of the surprisingly delicious Gyro I had from Steve's Greek Cuisine orthe warm, ooey, gooey Chocolate Chocolate Chip and Chocolate Chip Cookies I got from Kilvert & Forbes Bakery
-Walked back to the Boston Commons/Boston Garden area where we chilled out
-Took a cab over to the North End.... Little Italy!!!

We were lucky because they were having the Madonna Della Cava Feast (similar to the San Gennaro Feast in NYC which I'm SO pumped for!)
-We had dinner at G'vanni's... another suggestion from Mike! A casual, small, Italian restaurant with really great food!

My Salad

Whole wheat spaghetti with shrimp and pesto... DELICIOUS!

Ed's Tortellini with smoked salmon and alfredo sauce.... this was aweome as well!

Mike's Shrimp and Scallops over Linguine

Danielle's Mussels Fra Diavolo
*This was definitely a meal to remember, not only because everything was delicious but also because I got to experience it with such great friends :-)

And today, Sunday, we got a tour of Fenway Park, "America's Most Beloved Ballpark"! Apparently as a New Yorker, I should've felt a little awkward or guilty being on the Red Sox turf, but since I am not a sports fan and therefore not a Yankees fan, I did not give a hoot!

The tour was very exciting and I actually learned a lot of fun facts!

Thank god it was a beautiful day!

We even got to go into the Media/Press room where the people do the live reports and stuff!

After a quick lunch at Boloco, we walked back through Northeastern where Mike wanted to show us where the Boston Red Sox used to play...

And back to the garage where we parked for the weekend and back to NY!

Shilla Korean and Japanese Restaurant
57 JFK Street
Cambridge, MA 02138
Phone: 617-547-7971

30 Dunster Street
Cambridge, MA 02138
Phone: 617-441-9797

150 Huntington Ave (between Belvidere St & Cumberland St)
Boston, MA 02115
Phone: 617-267-6336

Steve's Greek Cuisine
1 Faneuil Hall Sq
Boston, MA 02109
Phone: 617-263-1166

2 Prince Street
Boston, MA 02113
Phone: 617-720-3663

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