Sunday, August 24, 2008

My Week of Smiles, Sugar, and Sunshine!

This week was just FILLED with smiles, sugar, and sunshine... the basic, necessary, ingredients of life!

On Thursday, me, Lucy, and Steven went to Orchard Beach in the Boogie Down BRONX!

I've heard in the past that Orchard Beach was pretty ghetto so I avoided going there, but I heard recently, that they made some changes and it was actually REALLY nice!

On Saturday, me and Ed went to Harriman State Park to go hiking. We only had a few hours because we had special plans for after, but it was absolutely heavenly... I really do love to hike. It feels like you are away from the world, just isolated in your own world without any worries <3

Our "special plans" were to go to Woodbury Commons in Monroe, NY for my babe to take me on a shopping spree! My favorite designer, Betsey Johnson, is usually my main attraction here but unfortunately, I did not get anything :-( I did get a REALLY cute white vest and a hot pink belt from PUMA!

I really am spoiled by my baby... he takes such good care of me <3 I LOVE YOU!

He takes care of me physically too... he's my hot bodyguard!

Then today, my friend Steven had a pool party at his aunt's house... Can I just say that I felt like I was on MTV Cribs? The house was huge and absolutely gorgeous. The backyard was HUGE and so well groomed!

The pool was beautiful... they even had a jacuzzi for the cold haters (A.K.A. me)

Ugh... so beautiful, it's disgusting!

My friends, and my silly boyfriend (who is looking DAMN good!)

Such a great weekend! I better enjoy it now because I start school September 3rd!

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