Thursday, August 28, 2008

Wednesday Reversal!

So guess who cooked dinner tonight?!

Yes! And the dinner was AMAZING!

The menu was:

Salad... he knows me too well :-)

Brown Rice with Corn

And... for the main entrée ::drum roll::


The tonkatsu was absolutely delish! He even used PANKO! I was so impressed... He makes me so hayuppy!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the compliments for my cooking. It doesn't compare to yours, but I do my best to make you hayuppy. It looks like I accomplished this on Wednesday! And the best was that, even though I cooked dinner, you still cooked and prepared my breaky and lunch. It was so thoughtful and absolutely delicious! You're a true master of the arts of cooking and loving! I love you so much! Thanks again!

Miki said...

Thank you baby!!! I love you so muchhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! TOO MUCH INFO!