Sunday, August 23, 2009

Rick's Club American in Congers, NY

Congers sounds like such a far away place, but it's in Rockland County and it was only like a few minutes away from the Palisades Mall (which I frequent). The reason why I was in Congers is unclear, but I was in Rockland County because I was attending the Indigo Paradise Grand Opening Festivities later that night in Nyack.

After a quick trip to the Palisades, Ed and I drove around aimlessly to look for a place to eat dinner. The few towns that we drove through looked quite dead, and we decided that Congers would be the last town to venture into. If we found nothing, we would just eat somewhere in Nyack. But as we drove into Congers, the sign for "RICK"S CLUB AMERICAN" caught our eye.

It was a neon sign written in cursive with a palm tree. How can you ignore that? Also there was a huge "BBQ" sign along with it, and we get excited when we see those three letters. So we quickly pulled a U-ie (ummm how do you spell that?) and I ran in to grab a menu. They had everything! Unique and inventive appetizers and sandwiches, a healthy section, and of course the back of the menu was all about the Q. We decided we would drive a little more just in case there was some other place that sounded even more perfect. Plus we had a few hours until dinner hunger kicked in. But alas, we ended up at Rick's Club American.

As we were walked through by the waiter through the restaurant/bar to the back area, I got even more excited. It was packed with all different kinds of people. Big families, young couples, old couples, and parties. The place had "fun taxidermy"... aka colorful, plastic, animals and animal heads!!!! Then in the bar area was some nice fine art. Where was I? I was so confused!

Eww... there was real taxidermy too.

We were given a "Specials" menu along with the regular menu. I hate that! More choices! More indecisiveness! After a bajillion questions for our waitress, I decided on the Black Bean Burger on the specials and Ed of course got a bacon chee-burger.

I of course started off with a salad.

A simple Field Salad with Roasted Shallot Balsamic Vinaigrette on the side.

We waited patiently for our food and were presented with these:

O.....M.....G.... you cannot understand the monstrosity of this Black Bean Burger from this picture. It was bigger than the bigger-than-usual Kaiser Roll. Plus it came with an enormous amount of Sweet Potato Fries! On the side are Créme Fraiche and salsa. The Bean Burger was seasoned with mexican/southwestern spices and it was allllll beans! The best part though?

The panko crust! How awesome is that... usually veggie burgers are boring in texture but this one was crispy to the max!

And Ed's Angus Beef Burger with Bacon and American Cheese.

The fries were delicious. Super crispy too, just how I like them!


Haha, no I wasn't able to finish the whole thing, but it was really that good! I'll be back to try their ribs and stuff. Oh and their desserts looked awesome!

Rick's Club American *Their website has all the menus and pictures too!
100 Lake Road
Congers, NY 10920
Phone: (845)-268-8787

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