Sunday, August 2, 2009

Fishkill Farms

Fruit Picking 2009 at Fishkill Farms!

I had trouble picking what farm to go to to go fruit picking, and I actually decided on going to Lawrence Farms in Newburgh, NY but the traffic on 287 was horrendous! So mid-trip, we switched highways and went up to Hopewell Junction, NY to Fishkill Farms!

The place is absolutely gorgeous. The land is open and so hilly. You can see all the mountains and the landscape was beautiful! To top it off, the farm itself was so quiet. Only a few families were there, as opposed to the other farms I've been to where the place is swarming with little kids screaming their heads off because they want to ride the ponies :-)

First, we sat on the porch area, right outside of their little cafe (which is part of their market), to have our packed lunch.

We then went on to explore the fruit.


Peaches (most of them were conquered by the bees!)

White Nectarines

After we were satisfied with the amount of fruit we got, we went into the market for veggies and sweets!

New Potatoes

Oriental Eggplant


Sugar Cinnamon Apple Cider Doughnuts

Chocolate Chip Cookie

All these vegetables were grown on this farm :-) So far, I can tell you that the tomatoes and basil (which I forgot to photograph) were delicious. Oh and the blueberries were so sweet. Oh.... and of course the doughnut...


Oh and one more...

I love you :-)

Fishkill Farms
9 Fishkill Farm Road
Hopewell Junction, NY 12533
Phone: (845)-897-4377

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