Thursday, August 6, 2009

Kyo-Ya, My Third Time

I can say that Kyo-Ya is definitely one of my favorite restaurants. The past two times I've been there, I left completely impressed and in awe of the perfection and uniqueness of each dish. This is my mom's favorite restaurant and she's always bugging me to go... so we went last night.

Let me just tell you that you have not completely experienced Kyo-Ya until you have had their Seasonal Tasting Menu. It occurred to me that I'd only had items off their A La Carte menu! I remember hearing about this place after my mom ate here for the first time. She had had the Seasonal Tasting Menu and she was just crying with excitement. So this time was my first time doing the tasting menu :-) You HAVE to tell that if you want the tasting menu when you make the reservation (at least 2 days ahead!) and there's a limit of how many people can have the tasting menu per night.

As we got sat down at the bar counter (right in front of the sushi chef/main man!) we were immediately given a printed menu of what we were going to be served for the night.

First, we got our beverages. I usually order tea when I go there so I did again... It was a chinese Jasmine Tea. The flower blossoms!

Then, we were immediately served the first of a few amuse bouche type dishes.

Unagi Arimani- Eel cooked with Arima Sansho served with Rice Puff

Followed by the Senryo Eggplant Somen- Eggplant Nooodles in a cold Dashi Broth

The official "Amuse of the Day" was Okayu (rice porridge) with Uni and Awabi topped with Kombu

The final small dish... Baby Ayu Kotsuzake Soup- Baby "Ayu" Sweet Fish in Sake flavored Ayu Broth

The best part- Sashimi of the Day- Chef's Selection

Today's Grilled Fish and Grilled Duck and Seasonal Vegetable on a hot stone- With a miso sauce for the duck and a pepper vinegar sauce for the fish

Morokoshi Shinjo- Sakura Shrimp Mousse Stuffed Corn with Bekko Broth

Koko Tomato Kuzu Manju- Tomato Jelly Ball with "Junsai" Water Shield in Vinegar Sauce

And, as an in between dish, my mom and I had to order the Dashimaki Tamago... it was my favorite last time!

The Finale... Seasonal Kamadaki Rice (Anago and Gobo) Cooked in a Clay Pot- Red Miso Soup and Pickles of the Day

Finish if off with the lightest dessert... Hoji Tea Roll Cake with Shiso Basil Sorbet

Just an F.Y.I.- each dish was tiny tiny! So there was a lot of variety but the portions were perfect enough to enjoy every bite to the end!
The simplest of flavors combined with the freshest ingredients is what works.

Kyo-Ya (Menupages)
94 E 7th St (@ 1st Ave)
New York, NY 10079
Phone: 212-982-4140

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