Tuesday, May 4, 2010

California, Day Nine: Food and Tanning In Pacific Beach

So, we were in the Pacific Beach section. And everyday we went to the same beach. But before going to the beach, we went to the same place for breakfast every day...

Maria Juana's Cafe- the cutest little food spot ever! And the nicest waiter!

I always got the Fruit Bowl with Cottage Cheese...

Sometimes with a side of one Oatmeal Pancake!

Tiny tried a few different things but his favorite was the Chilaquiles

Tortilla, eggs, veggies, cheese and beans! It was awesome!

Unfortunately, I don't know the address or contact information for this cute place. But it is on the Main Street that leads to the beach!

For dinner, we went to a random Japanese place on the main street... ironically called Haiku (it's ironic because there are way too many Haiku's in Westchester and I thought I got away from them!)

We got a Sushi Roll, Tiny got Tempura, and I got Sukiyaki... really it was kinda awful.
Just so you can avoid it, here is the information:

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